About us

Why us?

We at Biryani on the wood, prioritise on the quality and quantity which we promise to offer, the food cooked by us will make you have a lasting impression on us in order to serve you and your friends and family repeatedly.

Who We are?

From among the spread of the entire varieties of Biryani, if one stands out discretely sumptuous and tasty, it will be by Biryani On The Wood.

About The Chefs

The Chefs are a family of people, inherently endowed with a touch of natural talent in the making of the tastiest Biryani for three generations spreading over 80 years in Chennai(Tamilnadu, India). Their unique identity among the entire population of Tamilnadu made them most sought after in major occasions such as celebrations, festivities, weddings and they cook for special buffets in major 5 star hotels. These God Graced people are chosen and brought out from their enclosure in Tamilnadu to encounter the World. Our chefs could cook for thousands of people at a time, without loss or difference in the taste, all glory be to "The Almighty".
The tastiest, the aromatic, first quality unique Biryani cooked on the charcoal dhum served fresh and hot, every grain of its ingredient recipes procured from the best sources available. This Biryani is served with curd based raitha with onion, cucumber and carrot gratings; served along is the brinjal gravy prepared in special spices, finally you will be topped up with the serving of a special sweet, for a tasty memory,once tasted you will know for sure all that is said is not just a hype.